Has Obama Gone Bulworth on Alien Smuggling? | Part 1 & 2 || by David Martin | Courtesy: Christina Martin

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Has Obama Gone Bulworth on Alien Smuggling?

Part 1

 For a quarter of a century the “largest farm labor contractor in the country,” described by an internal state memo in North Carolina as the impresario of “the largest alien smuggling ring in our nation’s history” according to Mother Jones magazine, has operated with impunity. He has done it right out in the open with state and federal government approval.   His scheme has been successful during the first Bush administration, the Clinton administration, the second Bush administration, and during Barack Obama’s entire first term.  Now, after an extended investigation of its own, Obama’s Department of Justice has, at long last, come down on him like a ton of bricks.


We are talking about Craig Stanford “Stan” Eury, Jr. of the little town of Vass, NC.  On Friday, January 31 a federal grand jury in Greensboro, NC, handed down a 41-count indictment, running to 57 pages, for a variety of dodges in which he and his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Farrell, allegedly illegally stockpiled mainly Mexican workers for assignment to U.S. employers of their choice, regardless of who they were legally committed to work for.

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H-2A Kingpin Stumbles on H-2B


Part 2

It reported the news exactly three weeks after the fact and one week after we wrote our long analysis of the case.  The Washington Post, though, has finally broken the national silence on the federal indictment of the man who has perhaps done more than any one person to change the ethnic makeup of this country over the past quarter century.  Slave ships brought Africans to work in America’s plantations in the 18th and 19th centuries; Stan Eury brought Mexicans—and is still bringing Mexicans—for what some call the “Modern Day Slavery” of the “new American plantation.


The alien smuggling dimension is absent, the story was written not by a Post reporter but by a free lancer in Winston-Salem, and it’s somewhat buried away on page A-16, but it does contain some important new information.  The person identified only with the initials “S.P.” in the indictment and who is the source of many of the incriminating allegations against Eury and his daughter, Sarah Elizabeth Farrell, is identified by The Post as one Stanley Porter.  Porter, The Post reveals, has already been convicted of visa fraud and sentenced to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine and is cooperating with authorities.  This is all very bad news, indeed, for Eury and Farrell.  Similar to the typical federal drug conspiracy case, Porter is the little fish that is being used to help the Feds land the much bigger fish.  But often in those cases the little fish, for pleading guilty and cooperating, gets a lighter sentence than what Porter received.  It really looks like Eury and his daughter are looking at some serious prison time if convicted.  Forty of the visa-fraud charges are against Farrell and only one is against Eury, The Post reminds us, but each count carries as much as a 10-year prison sentence.


Read More Here:  http://www.dcdave.com/article5/140227.htm


3 thoughts on “Has Obama Gone Bulworth on Alien Smuggling? | Part 1 & 2 || by David Martin | Courtesy: Christina Martin

  1. A much better question is, why, is Obama bringing people into America when he knows that under current conditions, they will only be exploited. The Mexican people in America are insulted that they are not being associated with America, and want to be associated with our flag. The liberal politicians are moving on their own agenda without conferring with any of the Mexican people. The are showing themselves as Ultra-Conservative. This means that, if given the vote, they might go Tea Party! Twelve million new Gun Owners! Talk about another Obama Backfire!!


    • This was an awesome example of immigrants assimilating, and more than not, voting on a conservative ticket! Great read and appreciated Brittius…

      I truly believe that the mass hysteria that most of these Latin Americans will vote on a Democrat ticket is what blown out of proportion, but I also know that many do and many more will vote for a Democrat candidate…

      I also happen to believe that the Democrats are allowing these immigrants to flood into this Nation in order to create chaos, fear, apprehension, mistrust and confusion therebetween ourselves.

      It also gives them leverage to use for instance, that our new immigrants are insulted by say, our flag, Christianity, Columbus day, and or The Fourth of July…Holidays set up to celebrate the founding fathers and our American heritage.

      And they are stripping us of them little by little under those guises, and by doing so, it’s causing an animosity towards many of the immigrants who came over here legally and who have every intention to assimilate. They are now being wrongly targeted and Obama and the Democrats painted that bulls eye on them….

      One more note as well. The pandering to these illegal immigrants, I again believe, is out of a real fear the Democrats have towards them…

      In other words, they allowed them to flood over our borders so as to create a huge mess for the American people in order to excuse their destroying her, “dismantling her,” piece by piece in the guise to maintain peace and unity.
      A Fairness Doctrine!

      But I really believe as well, that they have realize, that they have chewed off something that they cannot spit back out and really control, and that’s the millions of criminal elements that they have also been allowed to come over and into this great nation of ours.

      We are all in this boat together and these Democrats are going to drown along with the rest of us, sooner or later, it will catch up to them and their families!~

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