Report: Airstrike in Lebanon killed four Hezbollah fighters, targeted missiles || Courtesy: Israel Video Network


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Click here to watch: Airstrike in Lebanon killed four Hezbollah fighters, targeted missiles

The airstrike believed to have been carried out by Israel on Hezbollah targets in Lebanon killed four members of the militant organization and took out “a missile shipment from Syria”, the Lebanese newspaper The Daily Star reported early Wednesday. According to the report, the assault targeted took two trucks, one containing missiles and the other missile launchers, which were being transported to Hezbollah missile warehouses in Lebanon. The paper quoted a “security source” as saying that the Israel Air Force had fired four missiles at the trucks, which were carrying “qualitative” weapons. Meanwhile, Time Magazine on Tuesday quoted an Israeli official as saying that Israel was responsible for the attack, and that the convoy had apparently included missiles with larger and more dangerous warheads than ones already in Hezbollah’s possession.


Hezbollah on Wednesday acknowledged for the first time that it had been targeted by Israeli air strikes on Monday night. The Shi’ite organization had previously denied reports that targets connected to it were hit by IAF jets. Lebanese Al-Manar television, closely associated with Hezbollah, quoted the group as saying there were no casualties in the alleged Israeli attack against one of its bases. It also denied reports that the strike targeted artillery or rocket bases. The group vowed to respond to the Israeli attack: “The new aggression is a blatant assault on Lebanon and its sovereignty and its territory…The Resistance (Hezbollah) will choose the time and place and the proper way to respond to it.” Lebanese security sources have said they believed that any attack took place on Syrian soil, but Hezbollah’s reference to Lebanese sovereignty suggested it took place on the Lebanese side of the ill-defined frontier.

Source: Ynet

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