Florida’s Governor Rick Scott and the Great Tax Migration || John R. Smith


Just as capital migrates from places where it is unwelcome, people migrate from places that try to vacuum money from their pockets.

There is a great human migration happening in America, a great sorting out led by baby boomers, into states that value economic freedom. The moving trucks are hauling belongings and people by the millions from high-tax states with smothering regulations, to states that value limited government and reasonable taxes.

Or, as The James Madison Institute President Bob McClure tells it, “Americans are choosing to ‘Live Free – Or Move.’”

The movement is all about red states versus blue states, and the kind of life you can live in one compared to the other. The residents in blue states generally vote for liberal presidential candidates and politicians who pursue fiscal strategies that require higher taxes and heavier regulation – or as we like to call it, cultural liberalism. Red states predominantly harbor conservatives, who pursue fewer regulations and a lean government, fiscal prudence and lower taxes – in other words, traditional values.

About 13 states are labeled blue, 25 are red, with the remainder not easily categorized. When you think of red, think of Florida and Texas. When you think of blue, it’s California, Illinois and New York.

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