We are Who We Voted For, and The Entitlement Junkies Fed Venezuelas, the Ukraine and the United States Bad Voting Habits || by Jeffrey Hardin


   I kept hearing during our election cycles that we didn’t have a choice?
That we had to reelect many of these criminals back into office because there were no alternatives…


   I didn’t betray my moral convictions and vote for theses criminals, lesser evils and watered down neoconservatives, I either voted for others more conservative, or, when not given a choice, I simply chose not to vote for them in want of them to loose their seats, regardless if a Democrat pick them up or not…


   My sound reasoning for this are, that every single instance that we have seen a Rino loose their seats, we have always had a much more broader, stronger and selective Conservative field to choose from the following election!


   Yes, by all means, we have to suffer the Democrats if we allow a corrupted GOP, Republican, Independent or Libertarian to loose their seats, it’s called sucking it up and dealing with it!


   But, what is worse, a Democrat trying to infiltrate our party unsuccessfully with their entranced barred, or one of our criminally treasonous Rinos allowing them into our party willfully with their corrupted agendas.


   Case in point, McCain, Gramnesty, Murkowski, Collins, Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, Kelly Ayotte, Richard M. Burr, Saxby Chambliss, Johnny Isakson, Tom Coburn, Jeff Flake, Dean Heller, John Hoeven, Mark S. Kirk, Patrick J. Toomey, Roger Wicker.


   These are the top 16 most treasonous and criminal Politicians of our party and we kept reelecting these politicians knowing they were free grazing on Democrat straw, knowing, that they were hurting us more than if the Democrats had had those seats themselves and were the ones suffering us, and of course, they would to.


   But we have lost more rights due to the criminally treasonous bipartisanship than had a Democrat had control of those senate or house seats, and even had the Democrats had the majority to pass these bills without the added boost of bipartisanship pandering, at least it wasn’t by the hands of someone we had elected…


   Reelecting these criminals are tantamount to our handing known burglars the tools of their trade, only to have them break into our homes and rob us blind of all our precious rights and liberties and then complain about it, and that is exactly what we are practicing when we reelect these politicians…


   We, we did this to ourselves, we put the very tools in their hands, that they are now being used to rob us of all we hold preciously dear!


   How can we dare scream about the corruption in DC, when we are the ones who continue to allow them back into office time and again and time and again.

We are who we voted for!


  How can we dare try to fix Washington, when we ourselves are the ones who are morally broken as a voting block!?


   I have been saying this for many years…Where O Ye Christians are your faith in doing the right thing…Why are you electing & reelecting your lesser evils!


   Let these criminals loose their seats, quit supporting their criminal activities by reelecting them so that we can remove this strangle hold the GOP has upon our throats, and the throats of the voting block and those who want to run against the GOPs selected Rinos and Mavericks.

Remember this, the GOP needs to keep themselves empowered, and you are the ones allowing it. Just in the same manner the Venezuelans and the Ukrainians had allowed themselves to be kowtowed with free entitlements, so have we, and they are now forced to a revolution to over throw their corrupted leaders, and so shall we if the bad voting habits continues….

If we start strengthening our resolve and putting our faith in the right places and trust ourselves in making the right decisions, then I guarantee you this as a proven fact, we will have a much broader and stronger conservative field the next election and we will win that election….And why, because we made a righteous call, and because the GOP had lost their earlier grip on us by squashing our hopes of other more conservative candidates so they could keep one of their own power blocks in office, without them, what have they got?

Nothing is what they have, nothing at all that our faith cannot conquer!

But we don’t allow for this to happen, nor do we practice those types of common sense Christian voting habits, we let fear instead of faith control and dictate to us who we should vote for, and then we make excuses it like the whining children we have become when it slaps us again in the face.

We find it easier to complain that we didn’t have a choice, or that we were forced to elect the lesser evil, than it is to man and woman up and make the harder more sacrificial choices…Our Bad!

We have grown more soft headed and hearted than the insane Liberals have…And that too, is for a fact..


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