Latest FBI Report: Violent Crime Way Down in 2013, During Same Time Gun Sales Reached All Time Highs || by Dan Cannon

Image   The FBI’s latest Uniformed Crime Report has been released. The report covers the first half of 2013.

Some might be surprised to learn that crime fell fairly substantially across the board. According to the report, violent crime is down 5.4% and murder rate is down a significant 6.9%. Both of these are in comparison to the same time period in 2012.

This may be a surprise to some because during 2013, particularly the first half of 2013, gun stores could not keep any firearms on the shelves. Many vendors were sold out of popular models for months on end during 2013.

According to the report,

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3 thoughts on “Latest FBI Report: Violent Crime Way Down in 2013, During Same Time Gun Sales Reached All Time Highs || by Dan Cannon

  1. Like all statistics they have to be taken in context. However, it has been known for years that where you have the largest LEGAL ownership of firearms, you have the LOWEST levels of crime. It really is that simple.


    • Thanks for the visit and post, really appreciate you.
      Your absolutely right…

      Law abiding gun owners do not commit crimes, criminals do. Where there are legal, law abiding gun carriers in mass, we are clearly shown that the crimes are at their lowest.

      Even the imbecilic criminal elements in our societies aren’t so stupid that they would want to lose their lives for their chosen criminal professions.

      *I had a guy post a few weeks ago, apparently an anti-gun zealot, who argued that even “law abiding criminals” have guns!?
      I kid you not, that’s what he posted…And sadly, that’s their mantra.

      The logic he was driving at is, that it’s the “legal” gun carrying criminals that are committing crimes, the “law abiding criminals,” that are the ones they are after, and that all of us, especially the “law abiding citizens,” have to make sacrifices in order to save the countless of lives being taken by fire arms.
      Actually, those lives are very countable..

      Their demands are clear, that we must surrender our 2nd amendment rights in order to become true. law abiding and peaceful citizens of the world, or in my opinion, Government Daycare Recipients?

      It’s true of course, that you can legally purchase a weapon if you don’t have felony charges against you, even if you have been criminally charged in a court of law, as long as it is not a felony charge.

      It’s also a fact that only 62% of those who commit murder are being caught, and then criminally charged and sentenced as felons for their crimes.

      That’s 38% who are not captured, and whose crimes go unresolved, who can purchase a weapon, as well as the other crimes that go unresolved, such as the 44.4% of aggravated assaults, or the 58.2% of rapes, the 78.2% of robbery’s and 83.3% of Larceny Thefts, the 87% of Motor Vehicular thefts, and 87.1% of the Burglaries being committed that are again, going unresolved, all of which, at any time during the commissions of these crimes, can potentially take the life of an Innocent person…

      In every single one of these cases, these criminals whose crimes go unresolved or who are charged with non felony crimes, can purchase a legal firearm, until that is, they make the fatal choice to take someones life, and, that is, if they are captured and charged with a felony capital offense.

      A life that may had been well armed and or protected by another who was well armed, had they not both been so unconstitutionally regulated.

      These Liberals, insist and even demand that law abiding citizens go about their daily lives unprotected and at the mercy of these criminals, who will without a doubt will always remain well armed and dangerous, who will always pose a threat to our society’s safety.

      There are no eliminating these factors in our daily lives, there are no fixes here as they are permanent fixtures of evil, nor are there any cures or happy pills that will make them go away, nor will there ever be any written laws that will pose as a deterrent to them in the commissioning of their criminal activities. There is absolutely nothing, nothing at all, that is going to stop them from committing a crime.

      But For….

      Well armed citizens! We can legally by the authority of our 2nd amendment, retaliate strongly enough to deter these criminals actions, or in many cases, even make them think twice about attacking innocent people and taking their lives.

      We have those protections in our 2nd amendment rights to bear arms and we had better damn well protect it!~


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