71% Regret Their Vote…Really? Or is it, That They Regret Not Getting Their Free Government Care Packages?


Following Pithy by Jeffrey Hardin

I hope that these 71% are really hurting badly, It has got to burn deep this one does. I mean, really twisting and gnarling their innards, grinding them with the pain of swallowed broken shards of glass.

The kind of pain, that leaves one hoping that their err will be well remembered by them!

But, then there is their Queen Hilary. With her renewed call for free handouts, they will soon forget their suffering and flock greedily to support her to ease their hunger pains, their entitlement hunger will once again return to ravish them!

But, she will in turn hurt them and us as well if elected, even more so than Obama had, and they too, will soon regret her, for her evil will have no boundaries, and they will be left even more empty handed and pocketed than ever before, they to will be clawed in a bad way by her talons grip on them!

But, that’s all because the are reprobated, they are insanely blind, and are in essence feeding their own misery, and for that, I say so what, let them gorge themselves on it!

Let them bear their consequential wrath and be turned over to their sin nature, I’m sickened by them and their debauchery,  and are tired of choking on their evil strangle hold on us…Their evil presence is poluting everything that was once great and exceptional about this great Nation of ours.

What can their pain possibly mean for my children and grand children, family and friends who knew better than to support such an overtly evil man, and are having to suffer him mightily, only so they could receive their promised free handouts.

We are also suffering as well from the loss and separation of our National Heritages and traditions, the anxieties from our loss of incomes and jobs from illegal immigrants who will not conform to our laws nor assimilate into our Great Republic.

How dare we believe they will have respect for our laws when they are illegally crossing over our borders without so much as a care in the world for those of us American Natives who were hard pressed already to find jobs!

Those of us who weren’t lazy, who didn’t expect nor wanted of the tax free Obamacon handouts, and who had to work hard and then sacrifice the Little they had in order to pay for the entitlement junkies keep, and then turn around and pay for the care, schooling and healthcare of illegal immigrants who will soon be amnestied into an already over burdened National debt, will have to pay for this insanity for generations to come, and it is we, the tax payer who are now suffering their regrets?~

Am I to feel sorry for these foolishly selfish people now because they didn’t get their promised government care packages?! 

I absolutely know I will not…

I actually feel insanely angry at them, even more now that they regret their actions.

And why would I as a Christian not be compassionate towards them and feel their pain and suffering, especially hearing that they now regretted what they have done?

Why wouldn’t I feel sorry for them?!~

 I’ll tell you why…Because they regretted only in not getting what they expected they were going to get from Obama free, is why!

That new kitchen sink…The New Kitchen to go around that New Kitchen Sink…The New House to enclose that New Kitchen that went around that New Kitchen Sink!

That’s what they regret now…Not Voting Obama!~

And if that wasn’t enough pithy, then I’ll add this!

They knowingly ate from the witches hands, and they did so greedily, selfishly and hungrily accepting her juicy morsels of promising treats, and with their mouths full of poisoned fruit, they laughed and mocked us while we were compassionately trying to warn them of the dangers that this witchery posed to them, and we tried as well to urge them towards the truth of her deception and the ugliness of her lies, that the apple she was offering them, was poisoning and enslaving them…

Yet they continued to mocked our efforts to save them, and we did heroically try to save them, as well as ourselves and our families in the process, but they continued to hurl their vulgarities towards us in anger, anger they most likely felt towards their own inadequate self reliance’s and short sightedness, mayhaps even a twinge of shame was felt within them, though at most, perhaps only, just a smidgen maybe was pumped through their cold hearts!?

I can only beg the apple they so selfishly consumed gives them one helluva belly ache, I really hope it does them justice for what they have unleashed upon those of us who dearly cared for them, our families and friends, and our beloved Republic, only to have them mock our suffering from the destruction they so carelessly heaped upon us!

They aren’t laughing so much now, but it’s only because they regret not getting what they were promised, not their votes.

And I…Well, I have zero sympathy towards their regrets and their suffrage…Absolutely no compassion left for them at all!


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