Israel Supports US plan to Arm Syria Al Qaeda Rebels. Financing Terrorists To Wage the “Global War on Terrorism”


One thought on “Israel Supports US plan to Arm Syria Al Qaeda Rebels. Financing Terrorists To Wage the “Global War on Terrorism”

  1. Reposting my Comments I made on wchildblog..
    Getting old and lazy.

    This is the most insane thing Israel could do…

    Intelligence Chief Bandar Bin Sultan is behind Obama’s push to land troopers in Syria, and to weaponize the Salafi, the Saudis will finance this by proxy uprising in the same manner they financed Obama’s boarding and school …

    Prince Sultan was overtly upset over the loss of Egypt and the lack of Obama’s military support in both Syria and Egypt…The House of Saud is clearly using the Wahhabi Salafi by proxy to disrupt the Near East, so they can get their hands on those country’s oil pockets and seaports, Saudi Arabia’s oil reserves and pockets are rapidly drying up and they are in a panic over all the huge oil pockets being discovered in Australia and here in the United States.

    My guess is, that is why Obama is stalling the Key Stone pipe line, it would hurt the Saudis badly economically…

    If Assad falls, the floodgates of terrorism would be forced open and submerge the Near East in pure terror, and a call for Jihad will be heard so loudly, that the Wahhabi, Sunni recruitment would explode as never before witnessed, not since the days of Muhammad bringing all the tribes together…

    Lebanon would immediately be over thrown, and Hezbollah most surely completely annihilated… Hezbollah’s Hassan Nasrallah has even said as much, as well as did King Abdullah II of Jordan and why Hezbollah tried to intervene on the behalf of Assad, who by the way, are not so much the chummiest of friends!

    The Brotherhood, will march on Jordan, and I’ll tel you this much, Jordan will fall much quicker than Lebanon will had, King Abdullah will quickly concede it over in hopes of a power share, but the Salafi, Saudis, nor the Brotherhood will have of it, they just won’t allow it.

    Here comes the good part, the much adored Palestinian people, aren’t so much adored as they are tolerated for their being such good Jew killers and antagonist. Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh has had many falling out’s with the Wahhabi and Sunni fractions of Alqaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood, these people are very much tribal and assert themselves and their numbers readily to over throw any opposition they may see as hindering their movements, or getting in their way…

    Hamas is not very well accepted, nor are the Non-Arab Palestinian people, they are just as hated by the Arabs as are the Jewish people.

    When Jordan falls, the Sunni, Muslim Brotherhood, who now mostly comprises of Wahhabi and Sunni, will then turn on Hamas, Fatah, the PLO and Abbas. They will literally be committing genocide against the Palestinian people!

    If ever there was a clear example of this hatred towards the Palestinian people by the Arabs, it came by their treatment by the Iraqis, Jordanians,Turks and even the Iranians after Saddam Hussein’s fall, they closed their borders off to the Palestinian refugees knowing they were being slaughtered.

    These are the very Palestinian families whose sons and daughters martyred themselves in order to kill Jews, and were handsomely rewarded $10.000 by Saddam, and were then cordially invited to live within Iraq and were then given high status jobs and treatment, no one dared to abuse them under the watchful eyes of Saddam’s henchmen…

    But the moment that Saddam was captured, there started such a whole sale murder of Palestinians that the media completely and immediately blackened it out! No way could they allow the world to see that taking place, especially when it were the Jews who are said to be persecuting them, the Main Stream Media buried the truth. And by the love of truth, it did take place and many 10s of 1000s of men, woman and children were slaughtered, and not one country gave them asylum, not one humans rights group cried out for justice and not one Flotilla was launched on their behalf, not nigh a one>?

    The Saudis have a goal here, and that’s to now recapture Egypt and then surround and cut Israel off from the rest of the world…I believe that Saudi Arabia is after the Egyptian seaports as well as the Lebanese ports.

    If the Brotherhood gets a strategic strong hold on those country’s, their oil and seaports, then Israel will be for the first time since their existence, will be completely closed off to the rest of the world but for her back to the sea, and I do mean that literally!

    There’s where the Sea ports are needed, not only to control the flow of oil, but also to put a strangle hold on Israel and to sanction her. Think Jerusalem, the Arabs have always had an eye on the golden prize, Jerusalem, what kind of deal could be brokered to save Jewish lives?

    What kind of peace would the Jews sell their souls for in order to protect and save their children?

    Remember, The Arabs love death, as much, if not more, than the Jews love Life?

    Remember as well too, that the Saudis attempted many times to get Egypt, Jordan and Syria to allow them to run a pipe line through their country’s and all three refused the Saudis. They did not take this very well at all, and this angered the House of Saud, and that was precisely when these coups and over throws started…Yemen, Egypt, Syria, and also the eruptions of Salafi sweeping across Nigeria and as far down as the once serene Ivory Coast… Have you read of the slaughter there, the ethnic cleansing they are calling it, and too, the White genocide that is being blacked out?

    Israel is making a huge mistake here…This would also be a slap to Putin’s pride, and that SOB is a mad hatter man, he’s a crack away from becoming a huge fissure!

    Just my thoughts 🙂


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