Confederate flag should not be dishonored || Via Susan | Posted by Brock Townsend


Chesterfield Observer

In his letter of Jan. 8 Delwyn Logan states the Confederate battle flag “has become a true banner of evil for millions of Americans.” This is the result of 150 years worth of the propaganda from the victorious, who have deliberately perpetrated this lie in order to cloak their war of invasion and conquest of the Confederate States of America in robes of morality. All of the issues that were wrangled over before the war of the 1860s evaporated into thin air when the Southern states peacefully seceded from the original Union and formed their own confederation.

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4 thoughts on “Confederate flag should not be dishonored || Via Susan | Posted by Brock Townsend

    • Bravo!
      There is one I’m thinking about getting, but man, it’s expensive. But would be my first, and want it. It represents the South in all her glory…

      This flag issue makes m angry for the sole reason that it’s to push their agenda, not the truth. Why not ban the Stars and Stripes, the bible, both are predominantly shown at all Kan meetings and marches.
      There’s only about 5000 KKK members throughout the US any more…There are more New Black Panthers out there screaming for the annihilation/genocide of whites than there are whites screaming the same for blacks.
      I just want my flag respected…


      • At my age, I would like to remove all of my tattoos, only because I have no room in my heart for them, I am a grandfather and want that to be what I am remembered for, and not someone that was dragged through the mill in combat or on the streets as some goon with a badge. But that is my personal view of myself, for myself.

        If you should decide to get a Stars & Bars, think about this: Find someone with good artwork not only in some portfolio, but talk to people to see who is really doing good work. My tattoo is Black & Gray. It is what I feel nicer without color, and has beautiful shading work, in a two-piece split flag, that looks like it is waving, and mine has tattered ends, like it has been flown in combat. In my opinion, the Star & Bars, represents a Code of Conduct, that 99.5% of people of today would not understand. Honor the Almighty. Honor America. Live the correct way and not be a problem. Your father raised you up right, and I know that you understand what I am talking about. Imbeciles will say otherwise. At times, the negative talk of others, it is better that I do find out who they are, because then I know early on, to avoid them, ignore them, and have nothing to do with them.
        At times I feel as if the Lord destined everyone to be as they are, and naturally, people would band together. It is not anything racist. Nothing anarchist. Those spewing those allegations, are the ones to watch out for. Look at how they live their lives. Like animals.


  1. Amen and well written.
    Great advice as well on the tats…I’m not much of a tattoo person and turned down many offers to have one made. I had seen this one and thought it a great representation of the South. We have a friend who comes up from Macon County Georgia three times annually and sets up shop here. This guys work is awesome, and he specializes in Confederate art/tats. I’m not bought on it, and is mostly desire than need or want!
    I happen to know many white Southerners who fly the Stars & Bars on their front lawns, who love their fellow man, including their many black friends. They have done a great job informing those blacks the truth and I have to tell ya, most Southern blacks get it.
    The ones who don’t, just simply refuse to, the truth to them is not expedient., nor is it productive towards their cause!
    I socialize mainly with whites, it’s not designed that way by me, it just happens to be the way things are, and I feel most comfortable around those like me, whom I share many interest with, my life’s choices and habits, practices and hobbies have created my inner circles, not color association…Most blacks wouldn’t find much if anything in common with me, nor I them. Isn’t that what brings people together in the first place. Sure as all get out don’t mean I don’t care for you, just means we aren’t compatible and would most likely bore the other…
    By today’s standards, I have to have a Black,Asian, Indian or Asian friend to not be labeled a racist. I have had many black friends over the years and love them dearly, and yes, honored them, but time and passages have separated us, and I’m not in the position that I once was to have many associations, or to socialize on the level I once had….
    I’m far from a racist, I absolutely love people for the most part, but I pick my friends by what we have in common, not because I need a make me look good banner…That to me is silly, and damn right deceitful, if not border line racist it’s self.


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