Oh, The Humanity!

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hindenburg This is not a post I desire to pen. At this moment, my eyes well with tears and my body trembles from an intense grief beyond anything I am able to describe or comprehend.

Through many years, my grief has grown and over the last week in particular, I’ve read numerous posts and tweets, watched and heard scores of news stories, and processed personal and group narratives filled with both facts and rhetoric on the seemingly endless debate surrounding Roe v. Wade.

For the most part on this blog, I have tried to avoid wading into those waters. Not because of cowardice but I lack the delicate eloquence and I’m a thoroughly inadequate apologist. I am creative, a whimsical writer, a poet who tries to make sense of the world in fourteen lines; where do eloquence and apologia fit into whimsy and sonnets?!

I reiterate, this is not a…

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4 thoughts on “Oh, The Humanity!

    • I love bravery, I love fellow Christians who pronounce themselves. Most of all, I love the brutal honesty that we must some times, often times face and project…
      Really great read, wonderfully said and good for you, for standing your ground, we have very precious little of it left these days….
      Thank you for giving me this honor, and for such a beautiful place to visit…Well done.


  1. Your most welcomed! Thank you…

    1 Corinthians 1:9
    God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of his Son Jesus Christ our Lord.


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