We see his lies but not the way out || By Judi McLeod


The 44th President of the United States is a non-stop talking Teleprompter, a pen and a telephone; a creature straight out of Science Fiction around whom no one seems to know the way out.

Leading a hostile and openly anti-American administration, whose trademark is dropping a shock a day, he uses the technology of social media to force his will not only on a captured-by-Marxists-America,  but on what was up to his 2008 election, the Free World.

The corrupt world domination-seeking United Nations and the falsely-named Arab Spring have flourished on Obama’s watch.


READ MORE HERE: We see his lies but not the way out




8 thoughts on “We see his lies but not the way out || By Judi McLeod

    • Hahahahahahahaha, I have never laughed so dang much in my whole born days…

      I just read down the thread to the link you gave me and this woman tripped me out…

      Dang Brother, what the hell was this?
      She was men man! hahahahahahaha..
      I ain’t even gonna mess with ya she said, What a hoot man!

      *Your blog is such a disorganized structure that locating an original post of your own creation that is not a reblogged post is frustration I refuse to cope with.


    • Clearly…Timethief is menopausing man! hahahahahahahaha!
      This is why I no later date Brother. Just aint got it in me to put up with all that pole kittying and clawing…


    • HAhahahahaha…Hay, did ya tell Timethief that this was trench warfare… that trenches ain’t a pretty sight to began with…
      That this ain’t no Sugar Spice hug me hold ma hand sing along, but war! Go Get Her Killer G…
      LMBO…Damn, I can’t get over her response to ya, just can’t let it go man!


  1. LOL….Always a task there Gunny G.
    I’ve from the beginning have utilized the reader, it seems easier to relog from there since I’ve had so much trouble from onsite re-blog buttons that to often fail or take forever to log, for the exception of your site and 20 others that I read from onsite only, if I have trouble re-blogging, I do so from my reader.
    I follow 400 sites and for some reason, aren’t picking up their following from when I shut down Jericho777 last fall.
    But, I hope from re-blogging their articles that I’ll slowly pick them up…

    Will check out the link you posted first thing and appreciate the heads up, I’ll be able to work from there.

    Changes!? I don’t like loosing what the heck is already working great for me…I do not change happily! Less she’s got legs? 🙂


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