Russell Crowe’s ‘Noah’ Film – A Warning For Christians | by Beginning and End | courtesy of Susanne Smith & John W Henry



The Noah movie does not tell the Biblical account of Noah and the Ark.

Updated November 15, 2013

2014 will see a large number of Christian-themed movies hit the big screen and one of the most anticipated of them is Noah, directed by Darren Aronofsky and starring Oscar-winner Russell Crowe. While there will be much hype and excitement for this movie, the early reports indicate that the Noah film will not be in line with the Biblical account of Noah’s ark and the flood, but instead will push a liberal, political message focused on the environmental agenda. Christians and those interested in a Biblical story thus need to be warned to use discernment and not support Hollywood as it exploits the Bible for gain and promotes a film that casts the God of the Bible in a bad light.

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11 thoughts on “Russell Crowe’s ‘Noah’ Film – A Warning For Christians | by Beginning and End | courtesy of Susanne Smith & John W Henry

  1. We saw our first advertisement of Noah last night on television. We don’t watch much television, so it might have been on for months before this. My husband, our teenage son and I were watching the Olympics. Halfway through the commercial, we all said — well, that’s not the Biblical account. While, as a writer, I have no problem with using the Bible for a literary tool, when I do it, I change the names and the specifics to assure nobody confuses it for the real story. It bothers me as a Christian when others are so disrespectful of the Bible that they feel the stories can be changed without causing harm to the history. Then, we must also remember that this is nothing new. The 10 Commendments movie was not true to te Biblical tale and that was more than a half-century ago.


    • Before I write anything, thank you…for the visit and post, I really do enjoy your beautiful website aurorawatcherak.

      Simply as it is, there are no other cult, or forms of religious practices that is subjected to the hate, lies or persecutions such as the Christians faith and our Holiest of Books are,
      YHVH gods living words are not to be tampered with in any manner that robs his truth of it’s message by anyone, and I’ll not tolerate nor support them.
      I care not what faith you are, or of your religious practices, as long as that faith, nor those practices take from, nor adds to our Fathers holy words!
      I’ll not tolerate those cults or peoples who do, and are quite outspoken against their heresies!

      We are Christians, not a punching bag, I don’t turn my cheeks to those abusing my faith or my Brother and Sisters in Christ.
      I will especially defend my Fathers holy writ,

      ~ aurorawatcherak.
      I will be most likely re-blogging some of your articles and are my most respectful of those I post from, accrediting their authors, sites administrators and even those who send those articles to me!

      I could not find your name, so I’ll be using your websites title aurorawatcherak if that’s acceptable?

      If you have any special instructions that you wish for me to follow when posting your articles, please let me know…
      Again, thank for for such a wonderful treat your site offers, always a great visit…

      I am just relaunching Jericho777 after recuperating from my back treatments. And I look forward to re-blogging your many wonderful reads….

      Be wonderfully blessed and do enjoy your beautiful family, take good thorough advantage of them always! 🙂

      To God Be The Glory.


      • I’m glad to hear you’re healing, Jeff.

        aurorawatcherak is fine. My pen name is Lela Markham, which you can use as well.

        I use a pen name because Fairbanks Alaska is a small town and my husband and children have asked that I respect their privacy. It allows me to be a bit outrageous without getting the neighbors standing on our porch with pitchforks. I’m pretty sure the NSA already knows who I am as I use my real name when I sign up for things like Amazon Publishing.


    • Will do Lela Markham…And again, thank you…just wanted to make sure I left nothing out that could seen as disrespect for those I share from…
      Love your Alaska! Hooty Hootin…


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