Muslim Gang Brutal Attack In London – Gang’s Motive Could Pose New Threat To Us – Sharia Law In Us? | courtesy of Stephen Moore

Blog Post and Author Stephen Moore
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Commentary by Jeffrey Hardin

When are Whites, Blacks and Christians going to get it through their thick headed passive skulls, that we just can no longer tolerate this mentality, they are not going to assimilate, and more blacks on a daily basis throughout the UK, Europe and the United States are turning and converting to Islam as a source and excuse for their attacks on whites.
Given them no reason,  they are burning a swath through everything we hold dear of our Nations and fellow compatriots, caring less about the lives they are destroying and causing harm to, and I aim to help put a stop to it, these are our families and we have a right to protect them, especially when our governments fail to…
I’m sick of this sort of tolerance for what had better be intolerable to us all, for they will turn on all non Muslims at some point, especially so, Jews, Christians and Whites, and that’s a given. I’m of Scots-Irish English, my whiteness is a by product of those ethnicity’s and my ancestries, and I am damn well proud of them and absolutely love the color of my skin and what it means to be white, just as we all should be of our ancestry, especially when they have contributed so much to the lives surrounding us and the world..
I am absolutely no racist, nor a member of the Skin Heads or the KKK, or any other racist organization which I find deplorable. I am simply proud of my fore fathers and that also includes their race, their ethnicity and yes, their skin color. To think our race, ethnicity and color of skin has no basis as to who we are is just ignorance pandering and make me look stupid nonsense. It does make us who we are, it’s the root base of our characters.
We have as a race instilled great things in so many lives throughout the world and our Nations regardless of the ethnicity of those we have shared our good will towards and we should be absolutely proud of that fact. Just as proud as I am of my Christendom, both to which the Muslims want to annihilate and target me for death, because they are intolerant of anyone not like themselves, and have no sanctity what so ever for the innocence of a human life.
What has Islam given us, what for that matter has the Muslim African race given us and the world but suffering and death, they have contributed absolutely nothing to the freedoms and inventiveness that so many other cultures have share with us?
And I am not targeting Blacks as a whole for such offenses, but the proof is that the greater majority of them are an insult even to their own race…
Our silly Governments and Parliaments lend to this stupidity by restricting and regulating their own citizens means of self defense against these types of aggressors, whilst flooding our borders with those who have but one intention in mind, to destroy us, to drain our economies like the leaches that they are and attack those they wrongly claim are oppressing them….and they just happen to be the Jews, White Europeans and Americans, as well as those who are Christians!?
Since 1948, Muslims have murdered over 9.900.000 of their fellow Muslims, do these imbecilic politicians think for a damn moment that these Muslims would give a rats flying ass about us? Stupid reprobated SOBs to the very last one of them will be damned for their murderous actions against us, and they are just as complacent and compliant as the so called moderate Muslims are…
Muslims have killed; 80 million Hindus_10 million Buddhist_60 million Christians_and 270 million Jews and this is not even counting the non believers, or the non adherent of their cult, and they are openly practicing slavery to this very day, to which ironically, most of their slaves are Africans, and they want us to foolishly believe these mothers sons of hut jumping sand monkeys are a peaceful lot. Yea right, and Chaz Bono desperately wants breast implants as well!?If you Muslims pedophile goat raping braying bastards bring this hatred to the Southern States of America…. I swear to you, there will be such a Consequential wrath laid upon you mothers sons and daughters of Islam by us Southerners that you will beg God the almighty to put your worthless sorry asses to the death!
We will not stand idly by and watch you beat defenseless or overwhelmed individuals in this manner.
We have aplenty of swamps to feed your stinky carcases to, so you just come here and dare us!

One thought on “Muslim Gang Brutal Attack In London – Gang’s Motive Could Pose New Threat To Us – Sharia Law In Us? | courtesy of Stephen Moore

  1. O has been bringing these savages from the worst countries into America to the tune of over 100,000 a year. I tell people this and of course the Liberals deny this, even with the facts on the net and have been on the news. He has put the Somali, the worst of the worst in every major city around the entire perimeter of the U.S. He has scattered the rest all over the country and made sure they are in the smallest towns. We went to a tiny Civil War town here in Florida and low and behold there were Muslims in full garb there visiting. St. Augustine in Florida a huge tourist attraction for Europeans is now flooded with them, all the women in full burkas etc. Last time I visited I was talking with a German woman and she said: “What are you people doing bringing them to your country? Don’t you know what they are doing in Europe? I came here to get away from them.?

    I served as an Army Combat Support Reserve nurse since 1988, I have studied the Qur’an and the life of Muhammad. I have been encouraging people to read about this religion, if nothing else to read about Muhammad via the Hadith. They are not in any country to assimilate, to be one of the citizens of that country, they are there to invade and the larger their numbers grow the more the country they are in will feel it.

    America is going to suffer a grave attack. They have been killing Americans in America since 1972 and they have just begun. They must be stopped. Europe is deporting them and many countries are not and never have accepted them. The refugees that flooded into Europe were 75% men, single, strong, well dressed, fighting aged men. They immediately began causing trouble and they have not stopped. Now England and other countries are thinking of leaving the EU. As America allows O to let the UN decide our immigration of refugees so does the EU for Europe. Europeans are saying they are safer without the EU and they are building strong borders.


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