Iranian admiral: The US can expect heavy losses at sea should it attack Iran |By JPOST.COM STAFF


The commander of Iran’s navy threatens to sink American naval vessels, cites progressive naval capabilities after sending fleet toward US shores.

Missile fired from an Iranian warship Photo: REUTERS

Iranian admiral: The US can expect heavy losses at sea should it attack Iran.

“The Americans can fully expect that their warships [and] aircraft carrier will be sunk with all 5,000 crew aboard, in combat against Iran, and they could find its hulk in the depths of the sea,” Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi was quoted as saying by semi-official Iranian Fars News on Sunday.
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Commentary By Jeffrey Hardin
66 years, facing millions of their enemies from throughout the Mideast who want them annihilated, 14 wars, and well over 11.000 documented rocket strikes since 2007, with 250 striking them on a daily basis, and the Arabs are still getting their butts kicked by less than 180.000 Israeli soldiers, who have killed 35.000 Arabs in battle since 1948  while suffering 19.000 casualties themselves.
And we are suppose to be worried about this…I think I’m not!?

Just one of our carrier groups of the 12 and soon to be 13, will Typically have a carrier, guided missile cruisers, a guided missile destroyer, a destroyer, a frigate, submarines & supply ship. With upwards to 7.500 personnel on the carrier alone. with each carrier being supported by 60-70 aircraft…
This is easily efficient enough of a Naval force to dismantle each of these tiny Iranian tin can battle ships nut by bolt with just a few strategically hit missiles to send them straight down to Davy Jones locker with what might resemble a gag reflex!


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